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Grads: How to Write the Perfect Thank You Card

Graduating Seniors: Let’s talk about graduation gift THANK YOU etiquette!

If you are sending invitations or announcements, you are bound to receive gifts! Because of that, thank you cards are a must have item in your grad collection. Thank yous should be sent within one month of your celebration or from the date you received your gift.

When you receive all your amazing grad gifts at your grad parties this month, it’s best to follow it up with a heartfelt thank you card to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them! 

How to write the perfect thank you card

Here are a few tips to follow when writing the perfect thank you card:

1. Thank your guest for the specific gift they gave you. Don’t just say, “Thanks for the gift!” Specifically mention what they gave you and describe any details. For example, “I cannot thank you enough for my beautiful silver initial keyring you gave me!” It means you noticed what made it so special.

2. Include a note about how you plan on using it or why you love it so much. How are you going to use it in the future? What emotion did it make you feel? How is it going to benefit your life? For example, “The pet pillow you gave me with Tillie’s picture on it will make me feel so much better when I get homesick at college!” 

3. Consider sharing a fun moment you had with them at your celebration. This will really up the personal factor and make your gift give feel extra special. For example, “The advice you gave me about setting up my dorm room toiletries is going to be live saving for me! I’ll send you a pic when it’s all set up!” 

4. Try not to write your thank you notes all at one time. Sometimes we can get on auto-pilot when we have a lot of writing to do. Break it up within a few days to make sure your words are thoughtfully written.

5. Send it Soon: don’t wait until August to send your thank yous out. Try to send your thank you cards about 2-3 weeks after you receive your gifts. Keep a list of gift givers and the gift they sent you to keep it all in order in case you forget.

Speaking of thank you cards, did you know we offer CUSTOM thank yous to match your grad announcements!?! We sure do! Here’s a few of our matching sets we offer our clients! 

Want MORE grad card etiquette tips?!? Check out our FREE Grad Card Etiquette Guide to know when to send your announcements, invites, and other cards in relation to your grad events and festivities! Have more questions about AHP and our services? Message us your questions HERE!

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