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5 Outfit Tips for Senior Guy Sessions

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One of the most important parts of your senior portraits prep is selecting your portrait outfits! Your wardrobe is a great way to represent your personality and bring variety into your session! Senior boys usually feel lost and a bit less enthused when it comes to putting their session outfits together, so we have put together a few outfit tips for senior guys to help you out!

Wardrobe tips and inspiration for senior guys

Here’s 5 quick tips for putting outfits together for his senior pictures:

1. Don’t shy away from color

If all of your outfits are khaki and white, it’s time to switch it up. Throw in some olive green, or sky blue (depending on your color tones) for a more eye catching outfit that will add a ton of interest to your session.

2. Layers are ALWAYS in style

If you are bringing an outfit that you can throw a jacket or sweater over, that will be a winning combination. Layers add an attractive dynamic to your outfits that can make them so much more interesting.

3. Stay away from graphics, logos, and busy prints.

I know that your fave t-shirt may have a funny graphic or words on it, but your senior portrait session is NOT the time to wear it. Solid colors and graphic-less pieces can make you look more refined and classic. 

4. Try to bring a VARIETY of outfits.

You don’t want to wear the same shirt in two different colors, or keep the same pants throughout all of your wardrobe changes. This will make your session look boring and redundant. Think about your outfits in “styles” like formal (suit and tie), sophisticated (what you’d wear on a date), casual, etc. Even if you’re most comfortable in t-shirts, try to bring different styles of them (henleys, striped tees, v-neck, marled texture, etc).

5. Make sure everything fits.

Men have a habit of wearing clothes that are too big for them. That can translate to looking like a kid wearing his Dad’s clothes. Yikes! Go to a tailor to get your suit fitted properly and bring outfits that fit your body type to ensure that you don’t look sloppy or heavier than you actually are.

And these outfit tips for senior guys is just the beginning when it comes to the advice, tips, and tricks we give our senior guy clients! Every AHP client will receive an extensively detailed what to wear guide when they book their session with us and our senior guys should expect nothing less! Let’s get your senior session date booked TODAY so you can start preparing sooner than later! Complete our contact form HERE and we’ll get your session date confirmed! 

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