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7 Senior Session Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid

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As a high school senior photographer serving The Woodlands and Houston seniors, the #1 question I get from my clients is usually, “What do I wear for my senior pictures?” Everyone wants to make sure they choose outfits that not only best represent their personality but make them look amazing too!

That’s where I come in! I am here to help all of my clients decide on those outfits that are perfect for them! I help advise them with detailed resources like our What to Wear guide and even offer fashion consults! A few of the tips and tricks I give about putting together session outfits isn’t always what to wear, but rather what NOT to wear! These avoidable mistakes could date your outfit, make you look washed out, overpower your face, and even make you look like a different size than you actually are.

7 Common Senior Session Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s dive in to 7 senior session wardrobe mistakes to avoid:

1. Wearing the same colors in all of your outfits, over and over again.

I’m all for a good monotone color palette, but your senior session is a time for purposeful variety that showcases your personality. Opt for a beautiful range of colors that look good with your skin tone for the ultimate variety. Find out if you are a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone and wear colors that make your skin vibrant and fresh looking! If you absolutely must stick with one or two colors, at least vary the shades to mix it up.

2. Not wearing any accessories.

The easiest way to take an outfit from blah to Pinterest-worthy is to throw on a few accessories that can really elevate your look. Wear that necklace you’ve loved for the past two years and those earrings your grandma gave you for your 16th birthday. Don’t forget to bring some hats, scarves, belts, jewelry, and other accessories to your senior session.

3. Wearing all the trends all the time.

Yes, staying trendy is fun and fashionable, but unless that’s part of who you are as a person (aka a total fashionista), opt for wardrobe pieces that are more true to you. And don’t forget – you can always throw on a trendy piece as a secondary element or accessory to modernize your look. 

4. Wearing the same style throughout every outfit.

Don’t show up to your senior session with the same kind of clothing piece (for example, maxi dresses) or the same vibe (for example, sophisticated) for every single outfit. Get some variety in there! Bring different kinds of pieces like denim for one outfit then a formal gown, then a skirt or some shorts and make sure they range from casual to sophisticated and everything in between!

5. Wearing colors that don’t complement your skin tone.

Wearing the wrong colors for your skin tones can make you look washed out and very drab. To stay looking fresh and your best, go with colors that are known to fit your seasonal shades, like warm, cool, or neutrals.

6. Wearing outfits that aren’t authentic to you.

Don’t wear something you’d never normally wear. The last thing you want to do is look back on your senior pictures years later and wonder what the heck you were thinking. Stay true to you when it comes to your outfit selection!

7. Not reading the session prep materials, including our What to Wear Guide (exclusively for AHP clients).

We promise, we give these to our clients for a reason – to make your session day easy and stress free! AHP’s team are the experts when it comes to preparing for a session. Why? Because we’ve helped hundreds of seniors over the past 12 years! We know all the tips and tricks to having the best senior session wardrobe possible so make sure to read over all the resources we give you to help you be ready for your big session day!

Want more wardrobe help for your senior session? We have a FREEBIE for you! Download our free guide: What NOT to Wear for Your Senior Session for an inside look at what to avoid when putting your outfits together!

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