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Best Colors to Wear at Your Senior Portrait Session

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So let me guess, you’re a high school senior who is having your graduation pictures taken soon and you’re not sure what to wear to look your best. More than that, you’re probably not sure what colors to wear so you can look fresh and bright in your senior pics. Well don’t worry because I’m here to help!

Your best colors to wear are actually based on what undertones you have in your skin! The colors you wear can actually bring life to your skin and make it glow, or can make you look sallow, jaundiced and even washed out (yikes)!

But how the heck do you know what skin tone you are? There’s a test for that! Actually, there’s a few! Let’s try them:

1. Vein test: Look at the veins on your wrist and notice what color they are. If they are olive or green in color, you are warm toned. Are they blue? Then you are considered cool toned! If your veins look like a mix of green and blue, then you may be neutral toned.

2. White paper test: Hold a white sheet of paper next to your chest and take note of the tones that come forth in your skin. If you notice your face flushes with blue or pink tones, you’re likely cool toned. Additionally, If green or gold and yellow shades show up, then you’re probably warm toned. If you notice that your tones fluctuate with colors, you’re likely neutral.

3. Jewelry test: Using only necklaces or bracelets, which metal makes your skin look healthier? If gold metals make your skin look alive and fresh, you’re warm toned. Is silver your shining metal? Then you’re likely cool toned!

4. Sun exposure: cool toned skin tends to burn easily while warm toned skin tends to tan easily.

Now that you know what skin undertones you have, let’s discuss what colors to wear to make your skin look fresh and healthy!

a) Warm toned: these skin tones looks best in rich, earthy tones in shades of red, orange, yellow, greens and browns. Here are a few examples of my past warm toned seniors wearing the best colors for their tones:

Color Theory
Best colors to wear for your skin tone
Senior Pictures

b) Cool toned: looks best in sea shades like teals, blues, greens as well as frosty shades such was berries, blue grays, icy tones. Here are a few examples of my past cool toned seniors wearing the best colors for their tones:

Houston Senior Photographer
Best colors to wear for your skin tone

c) Neutral toned: looks best with blush toned pinks, pastels and rich berries.

Senior portrait photography
Senior portraits

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