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Our goal at Amanda Holloway Photography is to make your senior session process stress-free and a ton of fun, and we have all the tools ready to make that happen! Are you nervous about not being portrait perfect ready on your session day? How about makeup and hair styling ideas? Trust me when I say you are 𝘕𝘖𝘛 alone! We will help guide you through the portrait process with the help from our client exclusive welcome packet and client hub that includes tips and tricks to prepare you for your custom senior portrait session! We have all of the session prep perks you could ever ask for!

AHP Senior Session Prep Guides

Here’s what all AHP clients receive upon booking their session with us: 

What to Wear Guide

Need inspiration for your photo outfits? Not sure what colors will look best on you? Trying to find an outfit with a little extra style? Girl, The What to Wear Guide is here to help! If you’re worried about WHAT TO WEAR for your senior session, we have your back! Every AHP senior client who books a session with us receives our famous What to Wear guide that features tons of ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks for dressing your best for your senior pictures! 

Here’s what you’ll find inside our AHP What to Wear Guide:

  • tons of tips to get the most variety out of your session wardrobe
  • the do’s and don’ts of senior session fashion
  • skin tones guide & what colors to wear 
  • how to accentuate your unique features from head to toe
  • seasonal wardrobe trends for color, style, textures, staples & patterns
  • wardrobe by style with tips and pictorial showcases
  • how to accessorize your session outfits  

Shopping List

Not sure where to shop for your senior session wardrobe? We include our go-to fave shops with a list of styles you’ll find at each location to make in-person or online shopping super easy for you!

Face Prep Guide

We’ve partnered with the area’s best stylists to provide you with professional styling for your session. They are experts when it comes to flawless hair and makeup, but there are a few things you can do prepare. This guide will help you know what to avoid and what to do to make your skin super smooth, fresh and glowing for your session day airbrush makeup application!

Here’s what you’ll find inside our Face Prep Guide:

  • how to ensure the smoothest skin for flawless makeup application
  • tips for combatting chapped lips 
  • products to avoid leading up to your session
  • do’s and don’ts for prepping your face
  • advice for the makeup chair

Nail Prep Guide

Your nails will show in your photos so they better be camera ready! We include a nail prep guide to all our clients with several tips and tricks for having portrait ready nails! We even include our fave polish colors to ensure your nails won’t take attention away from your face!

Session Day Packing List

We would never leave you to figure out what to leave the house with on your big day! We send all of our AHP clients an extensive packing list to ensure nothing is left behind! Our session day packing list includes:

  • detailed accessory list
  • emergency packing list
  • non wardrobe items
  • most forgotten senior session items
  • wardrobe tips to ensure a wrinkle free car ride

Session Style Survey

This is one of our most favorite resources included in our session prep material! We want to know all about our clients long before their session day and this survey helps us do just that! Our clients are able to tell us about what they envision for their session and any expectations they have with this survey as well as link their senior session Pinterest board, wardrobe pics, and tons more to help us prep for their big day!

So tell me… how would you feel, booking a photographer who takes care of you and makes sure you’re prepped and ready for your portrait perfect session? Are 𝘠𝘖𝘜 ready yet? E-mail us at our contact form to book your session and receive your prep guides!

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