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A Look Inside: Our Editing Process

We know you don’t want to look like someone else in your senior pictures… just the best YOU possible. That’s why we pride ourselves on an organic editing process that maintains skin texture, skin tone, colors present in the image, etc. 

Your teeth won’t be a blinding shade of white, your skin will actually have pores, your eyes will remain their real color, and it won’t look like we edited your pics with an Instagram filter. Nope… no fake tones or processes here! 

While editing styles run the gamut depending on what senior photographer you hire, I can only speak on how we, at Amanda Holloway Photography, edit our client photos. Capturing the correct colors, exposure, pose and composition in camera allows us to use minimal editing steps to perfect the final image, resulting in an image that is the most true to you. We really strive to edit our images in an organic process that preserves as many natural elements in the image as possible. Your images will be a true reflection of your style, your personality, and who you really are.

My goal is to enhance your natural beauty… not change the way you look.

Photo editing

Here’s 3 ways we preserve our client’s natural features in our organic editing process:

Natural skin texture: we want our clients to retain their pores, beauty marks, and freckles in their senior images so we take those extra steps in Photoshop to do so. We won’t make you look like a plastic doll or remove elements that make you so beautifully you. We will however, happily remove blemishes, dry skin patches, rough skin texture, etc. 

Natural features: we want to make sure these image represent you as you are now at your truest self. We will not adjust your natural features like your nose, cheekbones, lips, waist, etc because you don’t need any of that to showcase your beauty. 

Natural colors: we also strive to maintain true colors in our images including your true skin tone, natural greens in the image’s surroundings, natural clothing colors, your natural hair color, etc. We edit our images with a process that doesn’t make you look orange or strip greens of their natural beauty. 

Photo editing process

Want to know why our clients hire us? Here’s a few past AHP clients & their why:

“I like how enhanced everyone’s beauty is without looking over edited or fake. I don’t like over edited pictures that ruin the naturalness of the girls. I want to look like me in the pictures, maybe just a little better.” – Bilee | Class of 2021 Senior

How to edit skin

“I love how focused they are to the person and how natural looking the pictures are. None of the pictures look over-exposed, and the edits are very sharp. 

I don’t like when the photographer tries to make you look like someone you’re not. I definitely like the natural look better.” – Reese | Class of 2021 Senior

A look inside how we edit

“You did two of my friends pictures and I loved their pictures – they were were edited naturally and looked amazing. I don’t like it when pictures have too much editing and are over posed.” -Natalie | Class of 2019 Senior

Natural Photo Editing

If our editing process sounds like something you’d like for your senior pictures, we’d LOVE to capture this incredibly amazing time in your life! Connect with us through our contact form and we’ll send your our client magazine that showcases our client timeline, frequently asked questions, our pricing guide, and more! 

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