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I would be willing to bet that you are a senior guy’s Momma who needs help putting her son’s senior pictures outfits together, right?!? Right! Don’t worry, you are not alone! The number one concern I hear about from my senior guys’ moms is usually, “What outfits should we bring?” I get it – most guys stick to basketball shorts and that same shirt in four different colors. That’s why I have put together tons of resources from freebies to our exclusive AHP client what to wear guides for our senior guys and girls to help them show up with a portrait perfect wardrobe for the senior session!

When it comes to a senior guy session, consider thinking of your outfits in categories of style. This will help you create a more varied wardrobe that will keep you looking dynamic throughout your session. 

Here’s 3 outfit categories to bring to your senior guy session:

1. FORMAL: A sharp, well-fitted suit is always a classy way to dress up your senior session. Want to elevate this option? Select a suit outside of the expected colors of black, gray, or navy. suits in burgundy, emerald green, or light blue can create a modern look when styled well 

2. CASUAL: No, this doesn’t mean gym shorts or sweatpants. This is the area for jeans, shorts, and fashionable tees. Keep it modern and fresh by adding some color and layer coordinating tones. 

3. SOPHISTICATED: This is where dressy meets casual – think of this as an outfit you would wear on a date. Pro tip: layers are the trick with sophisticated outfits – sport coats over button-ups, or a button-up under a sweater, for example. 

Here’s what a senior guy session can look like when we incorporate these three looks. Notice the incredible variation of styles that show up throughout his entire session:

What to wear for your senior guy session
what to wear for your senior session
senior portrait photography
Houston Senior Photographer
What to wear for your senior photos
Senior Guy Session
What To Wear To Your Senior Guy Session
Senior Portrait Photographer

And how do we elevate each of these looks? With accessories, of course! Here’s a few tips when it comes to accessorizing your senior guy wardrobe:

  • your leathers should always match (brown shoes = brown belt) 
  • when considering a tie, pocket square, or socks, go for a contrast in colors to your main outfit colors (don’t make it too matchy matchy in colors – go for a difference in shades) 
  • switch out your sneakers for desert, Chukkas or Chelsea boots for an instantly more elevated look 
  • a casual outfit can be paired with lighter shades and fabrics in your belt (linen, suede, etc) 
  • switch out your apple watch for a metal or leather watch for pictures as apple watches will date your pictures while metal or leather watches are always timeless 

Want a FREE GUIDE to help you put together your son’s senior portrait wardrobe? We thought you might! 

We have a brand new downloadable magazine that showcases 7 steps to creating the ultimate senior session wardrobe full of variety! In this guide, we will go over: 

  • Colors to add in to a dull wardrobe
  • Stylizing your outfits in categories
  • How to incorporate patterns to elevate your outfits 
  • How to mix textures for dynamic looks
  • Layering for the ultimate combinations
  • Seasonal trends to mix into your session wardrobe
  • Accessories to add to keep your outfits polished 

Ready to get this guide sent directly to your inbox? Click HERE to download your freebie! 

These awesome tips are just the beginning of all the session prep resources you’ll get when you become a AHP client! We want to make this as stress free as possible for our clients, so we offer an entire client hub of downloadable resources including a face prep guide, grooming guide, what to wear style guide, shopping guide, checklists, and so much more! 

To get all these amazing session prep resources, you have to book your session with us first! Email us at or fill out our contact form and we’ll get started on booking your senior session portraits! 

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