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How to Find the Right Senior Photographer for You

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First of all, if you are an upcoming graduate, HUGE CONGRATS! This is such an awesome time in your life! Because you’re about to close one chapter and begin the next, NOW is the perfect time to document this stage of your life with a professional portrait session!

If you’re looking for a senior photographer to hire for your senior pics and not sure what else to ask other than their prices, let AHP help you out! A lot can go into choosing the right photographer for you and we are here with all the tips to make sure you choose the right one! Let’s dive in!

Here’s a few things to look for when you’re browsing a photographer’s site: 

1. HIGH QUALITY IMAGES: Professional photographers invest in top level equipment to make sure that they can produce high quality images that can be printed in large format products (like canvases and wall prints) and stand the test of time. An iPhone or even some entry level cameras just won’t cut it. There’s nothing worse than a blurry photo on canvas.

2. THE EDIT: One main factor to consider is how the images have been edited. Notice the skin tone… do the seniors in the galleries have pores, freckles and natural skin tone? How about the lighting? Is the subject in the images bright and colorful? These aspects are important to observe because what you see in their portfolio will most likely be how your very own senior images appear.

3. THE EXPERIENCE: Some photographers offer a full blown session full of makeup & hair services, fashion guidance, and an in person sales session afterwards. Other photographers offer a quick session & just the digitals. Every photographer offers something different, so finding out what kind of experience each offers can help you decide who is best for what you need.

When you’ve narrowed your options down to a few photographers, it’s time to get personal & ask some questions! Here are three things to ask your potential photographer:

1. Ask to see a FULL session. Any photographer can post a few great highlights on their IG, but it’s important that the photog you hire can produce a full session of amazing images that are beautifully cohesive with great lighting, focus, and color throughout.

2. Ask about their TIMELINE. It’s good to know what months they are currently booking for, what the time period is between the session and the gallery delivery, and how long it takes for products to come in. If you need something fast, a photographer with a more detailed process may not be able to get you what you need inside your time constraints.

3. Ask to see any TESTIMONIALS or REVIEWS they may have. This is a HUGE factor when considering hiring a photographer. Think about it… when you’re on Amazon and you think you’ve found a product you want to buy, where’s the first place you usually go when you want validation that you’re making the right choice? The reviews. It’s the same when hiring someone for services… they should have several reviews from very happy past customers. 

Now that you know what to look for, let’s discuss some warning signs that should caution you when it comes to finding the right senior photographer for you.

1. NO CONTRACT:  if your photographer doesn’t have a contract, RUN… FAST. This means that YOU are not protected if they no show your session date or don’t give you your pics after you’ve already paid for them. YIKES. 

2. They won’t show you a FULL SESSION: it’s pretty easy to produce a few really nice pics from a full session that you can post on Insta. But what if the rest of the session looks like trash? Ask to see an ENTIRE session so you know the photographer is capable of producing a full gallery of gorgeous images. 

3. No REVIEWS: the photographer you hire for your senior session should have several (if not tons of) testimonials on their site or on their google business profile. If they don’t have any published, then ask them for references so you can be sure. 

So there you have it! Those are just a few things to factor in when finding the right senior photographer for you. Want a few more tips? Grab our FREE GUIDE: What to Look for When Choosing Your Senior Photographer.

If you are interested in the kind of images, editing process, timeline, and experience we offer, e-mail us at or fill out our contact form, and we’ll send you our senior magazine that showcases all of these topics and more!

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